Ski trip!

Hello Synergy! ハロー!シナジー!

Last weekend I went skiing with Jasmine Sensei and some friends. We went to Mizuho Snow Park in Shimane prefecture. The weather was nice and pretty warm on the mountain. Overall it was a great day on the slopes!


Being a Canadian I spent a lot of time playing in the snow and I get pretty excited when planning a ski trip. Jasmine on the other hand is from Australia and had never seen snow in her life! I think she was a little bit nervous.


After a long 3 hour drive from Kagawa we arrived at Mizuho and paid for our rentals and lift ticket. It was time to head up the mountain. After enjoying the views from the chairlift we stepped out onto the snow and Jasmine declared in true Australian style, 

"Wow! Snow is pretty much just really cold sand!"




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