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About Us

Synergy Eikaiwa is ...

A place where learning is fun!

Hi there,

I am Tyler Boivin the owner and operator of Synergy Eikaiwa. I started this company back in 2007 hoping to share fun, high quality English lessons with as many people as possible.

We started out with just one teacher, a few students, and one little classroom. Now, I am proud to say that we have many energetic and experienced teachers from all over the world, hundreds of great students, and 9 locations throughout Kagawa prefecture.


At Synergy Eikaiwa, our goal is to make learning fun. Our exclusive curriculum uses various teaching methods, materials, and approaches to make sure that everyone is engaged and learning, no matter their personality or learning needs. We teach all aspects of language acquisition listening, reading, and writing with the main focus on speaking. Songs, chants, role play, and TPR (total physical response) are key methods that we ensure that everyone "gets it". We are also one of the leading schools in the use of the Phonics method for teaching reading. 

Our classes are evaluated based on skill level rather than age so that you are going to be paired up with others who are learning at the same pace as you to ensure that you get all the practice and support you need. 

We have classes for people of all walks of life, ages, and skill levels. We teach mommy and baby classes, kids and adults English, English for business, and English for specific purposes. We have group classes and also offer private lessons for extra or specialized practice. Our teachers do lessons at businesses, playschools, schools, and community centres all over Kagawa. We even do translation and help with studying abroad. 

Synergy Eikaiwa is very involved in community and events. We participate in and host various cultural events throughout the year like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, skating, pool day, BBQ day, and more. We believe that it is important to do things together and to work together to achieve everyone's full potential. 

Please come on by and try our classes with our free trial lessons. Get to know the awesome community that is Synergy Eikaiwa. 


Tyler Boivin (Owner Synergy Eikaiwa)

I love traveling the world and meeting new people. Being able to communicate with these new people is key to making new friendships.

I want to share that joy with you through English. 

Tyler Boivin, CEO Synergy Eikaiwa

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