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Last Chance for Snow


Do you like snow? I love it!


Last weekend I drove to Tokushima in search of the last bit of snow in Shikoku. I went to the area around Mount Tsurugi in central Tokushima. It is well known for its spectacular views in the summer time but I like it just as much, if not more in winter. You can see many animal tracks from rabbits, deer and even pheasants in the snow. I saw a deer and 2 pheasants on the trip.


There are many mountains and hiking trails in the area. This time I decided to hike 4 kms to Mount Tomaru. It is a great intermediate level hike across a mountain ridge and up to the rounded top. It was very cloudy around the top which made it difficult to see much of the view. But occasionally the wind would blow the clouds away to reveal the beautiful landscape around us.


On the way home we stopped at an onsen next to a beautiful river with turquoise blue water. A great way to spend a day off from work!

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