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About us

Synergy Eikaiwa is ...

A place where learning is fun!

Come to one of our locations and see for yourself how much fun it is to learn a new language.


We offer various programs here at Synergy Eikaiwa. We have something to suit the learning styles and needs of students. 

Check out our "Programs" page to find out more details.

Meet our staff

At Synergy Eikaiwa our staff are all super excited to meet you and help you pick the right class for your personal needs. 

Click below to find out more about our amazing staff.

Contact us

We are now accepting registrations for all levels. 

Contact us to find out how you can become the best you, you can be.

We have 9 locations throughout Kagawa!

Learn with your friends!

We have a great system called the "Buddy Program". If you enjoy your lessons so much and decide to invite a friend or someone you know to enjoy them with you, Synergy wants to reward you for your loyalty. If this person signs up, to show our thanks, we will give you 1 full month of lessons for half price.

HALF PRICE For 1 Month!

You can choose to use this yourself or pass on your savings to your friend. It's up to you.

(Reward will be passed on 3 months after sign up) 

Have fun and learn with the whole family!

At Synergy Eikaiwa we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn and expand their horizons. We know that it's hard to pay for all of the extra curricular activities for each of our children, but we also know that you want to give your kids the best. That's why we created the family discount program to help families learn together. 

5% OFF

From lesson fees for each family member after the first. This means that brothers and sisters, mom, dad, and even the grandparents can help each other to save more, by learning together. 

Take more lessons & save more money!

When learning a something new, especially a new language, we know that you need to get as much practice as possible. You may want to take private lessons to work on specific grammar points or try new things one on one, but you also want to get the benefit of using what you practiced with more than one person or maybe you also want to make new friends. Now, if you take more than one lesson per week you will get half off of your second lesson. 

50% OFF 2nd lesson.

(The discount will be applied to the cheaper of the two lessons)

Matsuo, Tomomi

I started taking lessons a few years ago and now my son does too. My favorite part about Synergy is how fun and engaging the lessons are. My son loves to sing the songs and practice at home.

I have recommended Synergy to all of my friends and family and now many of them are taking lessons.

Keiichi, Ooii

One of my favorite things about Synergy is that they have hundreds of students and 9 locations in Kagawa so I can take make up lessons anywhere that's convenient. With a company doing that well, you know they are good!

Goda, Manaka

My son is just little, but he loves the songs and videos. We sing along together at home. I love talking with the teachers and playing games in English with my son. 

The lessons are great for everybody too, even my parents take lessons.

Keiichi, Ooii

I started out just taking conversations lessons for myself. I enjoyed it so much that I told my boss at work. Now Synergy a teacher comes to our office and teaches us useful English for our expanding business.

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