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Our price list (All prices subject to tax)

Beginner 1-2                   30mins/class                ¥5,000/month

Level 1                              40mins/class                ¥6,000/month

Level 2-7                          60mins/class                ¥8,000/month

Adult                                 60mins/class                ¥8,000/month

Private lesson                30mins/class              ¥10,000/month

Private lesson                60mins/class              ¥20,000/month

Adult Group Class - 60mins

Our group adult classes are different for every group. We try to match our students with similar skill levels and then our skilled teachers work to tailor the lessons to everyone's interests. Group classes allow for students to talk with not just one teacher, but with each other and get lots of speaking practice. We take a well rounded approach to our classes; we work on conversation, listening skills, reading, idioms, and current events. Our teachers find new and interesting material and activities to work with each week to keep things fresh and interesting. 


We understand that adults are busy so we try to make it easy for you to attend. Some of the things we do are: 

We host various group lessons at different times throughout the week. We give optional homework for those that want it, but you are not required to do it if you are too busy. We use new and interesting materials to keep it interesting. We have locations all over the prefecture with varying lesson schedules, this way you can make up any lessons you missed easily at ANY of our locations. 

Did you know about Synergy's Buddy Program?

We have a great system called the "Buddy Program". If you enjoy your lessons so much and decide to invite a friend or someone you know to enjoy them with you, Synergy wants to reward you for your loyalty. If this person signs up, to show our thanks, we will give you 1 full month of lessons for half price.

1 month for HALF PRICE!!!! 

You can choose to use this yourself or pass on your savings to your friend. It's up to you.

(Reward will be passed on 3 months after sign up) 

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