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Nene plans for Milan

ハロー!シナジー英会話フォロワーのみなさん!Hello Synergy followers,


I'd like to introduce you to Nene. She is a student at our Sakaide location and is going to Milan, Italy for Ballet. John Sensei caught up with her last week to see what she is planning to do on her trip and what she is most excited for!

ジョン: 今回、なんでイタリアに行くの? John: Why are you going to Italy?

ネネ: とっても有名なバレエスクール、レアトロ アラスカーラ ミラノのオーディションを受けに行くためです。Nene: I am having an audition for the famous ballet school Teatro Allascala in Milan.

ジョン:ミラノで何をしたい?John: What do you want to do in Milan?

ネネ: 有名な建物、例えばドゥオモとか見てみたいですね。イタリア料理も食べてみたいです。チーズ(モッツァレラが一番好きです)やパスタ、トマトやスィーツもいいですね。Nene: I want to see some famous landmarks, for example, Duomo. I also want to try some Italian food such as cheese (mozzerella is my favourite), pasta, and tomatoes that are sweet.

ジョン: イタリアってどんな所だと思う?John: What do you think Italy will be like?

ネネ: イタリアでは当然みんなイタリア語を話しますが、ほとんどの人が英語も話せます。英語力に磨きをかけ、さらに少しでもいいのでイタリア語も覚えたいを思います!Nene: In Italy everyone speaks Italian but many people speak english. I hope I get to practice my English while I'm there and learn some Italian too!

イタリアから帰って来たネネに結果もききたいです。何のイタリア料理が好きだと言うと思いますか?We hope to check in with Nene after her trip and see how it goes. What do you think will be her favourite Italian food?

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