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I built a shed!

納屋を作りました!I built a shed!


Recently my family and I moved to a new house and we now have a yard! That means I need to do yard work and I need a place to store my tools and things. We went to Komeri to look at some sheds and found a model that worked for us. There were different options and you could have them come and build it for you, but in the end I decided to build it myself. I love DIY projects.

パッケージが届いたので先週の日曜日は納屋作りをしました。家族総出です。大変だったけど楽しかったです。義理の両親や子供たち、なんと奥さんまで手伝ってくれました。笑 力仕事はほとんど私がしましたが、子供たちも電動ドリルでネジを閉めたり頑張ってくれました!

Finally the package arrived. So, this past weekend I spent my Sunday building a shed. My whole family was in on the project. It was hard work, but lots of fun. My father-in law, my mother-in law, even my wife and kids helped put it together. I did most of the heavy lifting, but everyone lent a hand and my kids even got to use the power tools to tighten some bolts!


I forgot to take progress pictures, but here's the finished project. I'm really happy with the results.

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