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Our Staff

Our staff are the best in the business. They are energetic, professional, and experienced teachers who have a real passion for getting to know people. Synergy's teachers are native English speakers that come from all over the world. Everyone has a different personality, cultural background, experience base, and perspective on how to best assist with your learning needs. It's our job to help you reach your full potential.
Come on down and talk with one of our teachers today. 
After all, isn't meeting new people and experiencing new things what learning a language is all about.
Tyler Boivin


I am Tyler. I am from British Columbia, Canada, but I have lived in Japan since 2004. I have a wife and three lovely children who I like to spend time with.

I also like to watch movies, read books, workout, and go hiking and camping. ​

One of my favorite things is traveling and meeting new people.

"I am really excited to meet you."


Andrew Boivin

Hey guys,

I'm Andrew. I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been here in Japan since 2015. I love the outdoors. I like hiking, camping, canoeing, and music.​ I love meeting new people too.

"Come down and let's talk."

Jasmine O'Halloran


I am from Queensland, Australia and have lived in Japan since June 2015. I enjoy all things creative and outdoor activities such as hiking. I love to cook food, travel and meet new people too. 


"I look forward to meeting you"

Travis Boyd


I'm Travis. I'm from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I have lived in Marugame, Japan since 2013. I like to workout, play sports, play Pokémon Go, and traveling. Come on down and let's have a good time learning together.


"Teamwork makes the dream work"

Jake LaVoie

Nice to meet you,

I'm Jake. I am from Maine, USA. I am new to Japan. I came here for a 3 month visit and fell in love with the culture. Now I am back to experience more. 

I like art, reading books, and the outdoors.


"I love making and sharing art. Japan is such an inspiring place."

John Watson

Hi there,

I am from Canada! I have been in Japan now since 2011. I love Japanese people and the culture. I am always learning new things from my friends. I love reading, studying, gardening, and travel.


"I love my kids. Watching them learn brings me joy!"

Ed Filipowicz


I am Ed. I am from Buffalo, New York, USA. I have been in Japan since 2002, but i have lived all over the world.

I have been teaching for 50 years and lots of things to share with you. My favorite thing is to see when my students actually understand.

"English is fun, isn't it!"

Keith Lee


I am from Wellington, New Zealand, but I was born in Malaysia!  I went to New Zealand when I was 2 years old.  I have lived in Japan since 2013.  I enjoy cycling and cooking.  I love Japanese culture and I study tea ceremonies.


"I'm very excited to meet and talk with you!​"

Prospective Teachers

Synergy is a great place to work. We are a growing company and are always on the lookout for new teachers.

We are looking for inspired and inspiring young people from all walks of life, people who are interested in making connections and lasting relationships, and we are looking for people who like to travel and experience new things.

If this sounds like something that you are interested, please contact us through our contacts page and send in your resume, a recent photograph, and a cover letter explaining a little about yourself. 

Look forward to meeting you!

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