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Translation (negotiated based on language, length, material, and deadline)

Whether you have written a book or informative guide, or your company has important information you need to send to an overseas client and need to get it translated, Synergy can do the job. We are experienced in various types of translation and would love to consult with you about your specific needs. The price is negotiated based on the language, length, material, and deadline of the material being translated.

Please contact us. We would love to discuss your needs. 

Interpretation (¥8,000/hr)

Are you hosting an event with attendees from around the world? Are you giving a training seminar to foreigners. What ever your interpretation needs Synergy would love to help make your event a success.


At Synergy we know that the world we live in is getting more and  more interconnected every day. However, sometimes are language skills aren't developing as fast as the world is.  Don't worry, Synergy is here to help. We offer top quality interpretation services to make sure that you don't get left behind. 

Please contact us and we'd love to come down and meet with you and discuss your needs.

Did you know you that we have a family discount?

At Synergy Eikaiwa we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn and expand their horizons. We know that it's hard to pay for all of the extra curricular activities for each of our children, but we also know that you want to give your kids the best. That's why we created the family discount program to help families learn together. 

10% OFF from lesson fees for each family member after the first. This means that brothers and sisters, mom, dad, and even the grandparents can help each other to save more, by learning together. 

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