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Our price list (All prices subject to tax)

Beginner 1-2                   30mins/class                ¥5,000/month

Level 1                              40mins/class                ¥6,000/month

Level 2-7                          60mins/class                ¥8,000/month

Adult                                 60mins/class                ¥8,000/month

Private lesson                30mins/class              ¥10,000/month

Private lesson                60mins/class              ¥20,000/month

Private Lessons - 60mins (¥20,000) 30mins (¥10,000)

People take private lessons for many reasons. Whether you have some specific grammar work, you need to get a higher TOEIC score for work, you have some project you want help editing, you want to brush up your skills before entering a group class or joining a higher level class, or you really just want some focused attention from one of our skilled teachers, we've got a class for you. 


In a private lesson the time is yours. Before starting your private lessons you will have a consultation with our skilled professionals to find out exactly what your personal learning goals and preferences are and to determine what ways we are going to complete these goals together. We use a variety of textbooks, media, and techniques to personalize your learning experience.


Some people like to talk, some people like to do homework. Whatever your needs, we can help.

Did you know you that we have a family discount?

At Synergy Eikaiwa we want everyone to have the opportunity to learn and expand their horizons. We know that it's hard to pay for all of the extra curricular activities for each of our children, but we also know that you want to give your kids the best. That's why we created the family discount program to help families learn together. 

10% OFF from lesson fees for each family member after the first. This means that brothers and sisters, mom, dad, and even the grandparents can help each other to save more, by learning together. 

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