Strawberries! いちご!


Last weekend Jasmine Sensei went strawberry picking and they look really delicious! She went to Ichigo Sky Farm in Ida-cho, Takamatsu. For 40 minutes you can pick and eat as many strawberries as you want. You can also request a bowl of condensed milk to dip your berries into while you pick. I think my face would be red afterwards! Admission is 1600円 for adults and 1000円 for children. Its free for children younger than 3 years old.


Jasmine says there are two varieties of strawberries available to pick at the farm; Sanuki Hime, which means Princess in English and Nyoho, which means Girlfriend. It sounds like a great place to take the family or someone special on the weekend!


Here's what Jasmine had to say about her time on the farm.


"Overall I had a great experience. I personally love fresh strawberries, especially in Japan. I noticed a very striking difference in flavour and texture between strawberries in Australia and strawberries in Japan. I think for anyone who loves strawberries this is definitely worth checking out."



Here is the website for Sky Farm

If you would like to talk more about strawberries, come see Jasmine in Marugame!


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